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1930’s  In 1937, at the age of 21, our founding father, the late Khushi Mohammed, came to Manchester from India to seek his 'fortune'. He sought out board and lodgings in a new land where the climate, the culture, the language and the food were all new to him. His big business decision was to travel around the Northwest as a door-to-door salesman selling nylon stockings from his brown Dundee case --- as ‘nylons’ were a highly sought out fashion item of the time.

In 1938 he was joined by his younger brother, the late Shah Mohammed, and the business became ‘Shah & Khushi Mohammed’. To date all our invoice numbers are prefixed with their initials, i.e. ‘SK..’. They worked as travelling salesmen and further expanded the business by becoming market traders specialising in nylon stockings & hosiery, on Rochdale Market.

1940’s  They soon discovered a niche in the market when they found that there was a demand for a supplier of nylons at wholesale prices for resale on to the markets, shops, door-to-door or, even on to other traders at a convenient time. And so ‘Pak Nylon House’ was formed where these new traders could call in the evenings and buy their supplies of hosiery wholesale.

1950’s  The second generation of the family then joined the business, namely Aslam Khan (the current senior partner). In 1955, as the business grew from strength to strength, the wholesale side of the business was registered as ‘Pak Nylon Hosiery Co’ trading from the new premises on Oxford Road. However, due to a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on the Pak Nylon premises and all the properties in the vicinity by Manchester City Council --- in order to further develop Manchester University; the business was forced to seek new accommodation.

1960’s  We moved to our Thomas Street warehouse, in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Due to the development of new fibres and yarns --- such as ‘Bri-nylon’ and ‘Crimplene’ etc.; Aslam Khan expanded the business in new directions by progressing into other sectors of the ‘rag trade’ such as fashionwear, casualwear, knitwear and leisurewear.

1970’s  By now, we had moved again to a bigger 20,000 sq ft, 250 year old cotton mill in the next street. The third generation of the family, Afzal Khan, joined the business in 1978 and gave our in-house brands a fresh impetus and rejuvenation --- particularly the Dancing Girl brand. He was also responsible for introducing a programme of greater recycling within the business whereby all used materials (particularly cardboard) that could be viably recycled were done so otherwise they were sent on to recyclers.

1980’s  The firm celebrated its 25 anniversary in 1980 and was also featured in a BBC TV series called ‘Darendorff On Britain’ where Prof. Darendorff, of the London School of Economics, analysed the changing face of the British economy from its former glory to its future prosperity and the Asian contribution to it.

In 1984 the retail side of the business was closed and, in the warehouse, we re-focussed our efforts towards fulfilling the customer’s wholesale requirements rather than just selling them our offer of products. When yell.com launched the first internet directory we were one of the first companies to be listed on it.

1990’s  In the 1990s, Ajmal Khan, became more active in the business. In 1999 we moved to our present 11,500 sq.ft. premises on Broughton Street.

2000’s  In the noughties we further consolidated our position as being the largest hosiery wholesalers by taking over and buying out one of our major competitors: ‘Sharma Hosiery Co’, in 2005; who had previously taken over the ‘Zafer Hosiery Co’ business.

Spring 2008 saw the launch of our wacky 'Dancing Girl Tutus Collection'. In 2009 we launched our biggest ever project: to create our ‘Dancing Girl Everyday Range’ of hosiery which has been a tremendous success.

June 2010 marked our 55th Anniversary and; being a forwards thinking company looking towards the future and the natural development and progession of the business, September 2010 saw the launch of our first ever e-commerce wholesale website which too has been received with great enthusiasm.

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